Zipedia, very complete including Dhikr, Al-Qur'an, Salat Schedule, Asmaul Husna, Hajj & Umrah Guide, Islamic Songs, Nearby Mosque, Qibla Direction, Complete Prayer Collection, History of Monthly Recitation, Articles and Videos of Islamic Studies, Daily Hadith, etc.


★ Digital Tasbeeh
This is the main feature of Zipedia, the Tasbih counter where the function is to count your dhikr. the count can be set every 33x 66x or 99x. Your cellphone will vibrate after each count along with its multiples. This is a manual Tasbeh replacement, so if you forget to bring it, don't worry because it will always be on your cellphone.

★ Compass Qibla Direction Prayers
Designed with attractive graphics, this tool will guide you in finding the Qibla direction to the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

★ Today's Prayer Schedules are accurate based on GPS
This application is equipped with the announcement of prayer times that are tailored to your city.

★ 99 Asmaul Husna with Audio
This menu presents 99 Asmaulhusna accompanied by Arabic letters and information as well as the meaning and study of 99 names of Allah. There is also a voice button that will let us hear how to pronounce it.

★ Al-Qur'an
No need to switch to another application, because Zipedia also includes a complete 30 Juz Qur'an reading along with its translation. very easy for you because this digital Koran also uses the Ustmani font.

★ Daily Hadith
An interesting feature besides Al Quran and Translation is Sahih Sahih info selection from our editors, including Al Bukhari, Muslim, Sunan Abi Dawud, At-Tirmizi, An-Nasa'i, and Sunan Ibnu Majah. So every time you open this application, you will find a new hadith that you may not have read.

★ Detect Nearby Mosque Location
Are you lost and finding it difficult to pray? use the nearest mosque finder feature to find the closest mosque.

★ Guidance for Prayer, Zakat, and Dhikr
No need to browse the internet and search for Islamic books, because Zipedia is equipped with detailed guidance on how to pray, perform various Zakat (wealth, nature, etc.) with examples. This guide will be available offline, making it easier for you.

★ Azan and Notifications according to the Prayer Schedule
This application is equipped with an azan alarm that will sound every time the prayer time arrives which of course is adjusted to the Prayer Schedule. settings for when the call to prayer sound and when the prayer time arrives you can adjust easily in the settings section.


- Recap/history of dhikr this month and before
- Iftar and Imsak Schedule
- Playlist dhikr Selections
- Featured Islamic Videos and Youtube Videos
- Total Points that have been obtained