ZenJournal is the fastest and simplest journal, everything is within 2-taps:

○ Everything happens on the timeline, you logs, #hashtags, and ?searches all unified in one interface.

○ Open the app and start logging, reading, searching, reflecting. There is no step two.

○ Double tap your logs to toggle "Discreet Mode" where your logs are obfuscated into fuzzy blocks. You can finally show off your logs.

○ Lock your logs with TouchID/FaceID.

○ Pull up your logs to see a contribution graph of the last 105 days.

○ Use #hashtag to organize your logs.

○ As you type, start with ? to search and filter your logs.

○ Backup and restore.

○ Long press to share your logs to social media.

○ Dark Mode first, Light Mode just a tap away.

Here are a few ways to use ZenJournal:

● Journal anywhere, with Discreet Mode, even in public spaces, without stress and fuss.

● Shield your self from the frenzy contest of social media.

● Cure your fatigue with a stress-free micro journal.

● Find your inner peace, build up your self-awareness.

● Log your random #ideas and #musings.

● Stream-of-consciousness style writing.

Build your own ZenJournal with your random, intimate, embarrassing, dark or light, social or antisocial, secret or not so secret, genius or dumb, most subversive or idealistic plans, way ahead of time ideas or heart-aching throwback memories.
From version ZenJournal 2.3.0:

ZenJournal 2.3 has too much updates, you just have to experience yourself, but here are some highlights:
- Double-tap to toggle Discreet Mode to hide your timeline.
- Lock mode to lock your timeline.
- Faster search.
- Better "#" and "?" shortcut buttons.
- Refreshed design.
- Localized timestamp.
- Localized UI for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
- Many more... Guided Daily Diary & Journal

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