xComfort - Make your house smarter

You have full control over your house with your mobile phone. From anywhere. Anytime.
In our busy, modern lives we are often on the go. Whether travelling for work, relaxing at your holiday home or away for the summer holidays, you can quickly and simply reassure yourself that back at home, everything is as it should be.

Whatever your needs are regarding home security, everyday luxury or your energy efficiency goals, xComfort is the answer. Because xComfort is your own digital butler who never sleeps – whether you are at home or not.

For everyone who’s serious about their home security!
Imagine having a system which helps to keep complete control of potentially dangerous situations, eliminate the risk of frost damage, or chase off an intruder before he breaks in.
You can only really relax when you know the children are safe. With a single tap on your mobile phone, your child's bedroom can be set to night-time mode. The power is switched off at the wall sockets, the temperature is turned down three degrees and the light fades to nearly off. And for the battle against scary dark nooks and crannies, there’s an anti-monster light your child can operate in bed when their imagination runs away with them.

For everyday romance, it works miracles. It’s almost like a relationship therapist!
When our customers describe the best thing about xComfort, many mention everyday romance. It’s a matter of creating moods, whether for dinner, a celebration, a movie night, a date night or breakfast in bed. xComfort has a setting for everything.

A significant cut in your electricity bill?
Effective climate control in the home. This is where the biggest savings are – for your wallet and the environment. Smart sun shading contributes to a comfortable indoor temperature and in many instances removes the need for cooling.
Lighting control is also important. You can save energy by controlling light as needed.
Find the energy thief!
See energy consumption point by point. You can measure your power consumption point by point. Are you wasting electricity in the living room? In the kitchen? With the right information it’s quite easy to save money.
Produce electricity yourself?
In the future, perhaps a home need consume no energy at all. Many will be able to produce it too. Perhaps the home needs a solution which measures the current being produced, and which you can be paid for. xComfort will be such a solution.

Use the demo house function in this xComfort App to find out.

What is xComfort?

Because xComfort is a wireless system, you don't need wires to and from switches, thermostats and sensors. This gives you a high-spec system that is simple and safe to install.

The advantages:

• Less power consumption
• Design tailored to your style
• Control your lights, shading, heating, energy, …
• Better security
• Wireless control
• No unsightly cables
• Remote control via smartphone or web
• Reliable and safe to operate
• Low initial costs and added value
• Flexibility: Easy to install & expand

Who can use xComfort?

The xComfort system can be used for anything from updating existing installations or extending, renewing and improving them, to setting up completely new installations. You can start small, with simple and practical functions, and expand later as the need or desire arises. Do you need an extra light switch in the hall, or at both the top and bottom of the stairs? These are standard tasks that xComfort carries out every day, with absolutely no visible cables. Because installing xComfort involves making changes to electrical systems, it needs to be installed by an electrician. For the best planning assistance, advice and tips, consult your electrical specialist.
From version xComfort Smart Home Controller

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