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Multiple WhatsApp account management tool with upgraded WhatsApp
features of 2021.

What's New than WhatsApp?

   ● Do you want to save anyones’ WhatsApp status?
   ● Do you want to recover or see any friends' deleted messages?
   ● Is there any data cleaner to remove junk and harmful files?
   ● Do you manage more than one WhatsApp account on your single device?

Yes, these all features are available only on this whats web application. This is not limited, many more functionality is there to make your mood chill, fresh and cool.


1) WhatsApp Management Tool:

Manage Personal + Professional Account: Manage both only on Whats web app. Have you ever tried to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on one app?Yes, it's possible to login to multiple accounts without facing any issues.

2) Generate More Business Leads:

Do you want business leads? Promote your Business using Whats Web app to get high sales and profit. Yes, WhatsApp plays a vital role to increase product sales.
To download Whats Web app to boost up your business profit.

3) WhatsApp Status Saver:

Do you want extra features in your WhatsApp? Click on the status and save them. You will see all the statuses choose and download with one tap and share with your friends also.

4) Restored WhatsApp Deleted Messages:

Literally, this feature created a blast in the market because till date no one is able to recover their friends' deleted messages. When someone sends a message and instantly deletes it without being seen by us, then the message text is reflected like ‘this message is deleted’, right. So now you are the one who can recover those messages without your friends knowing that you are aware of what she/he deleted.

5) WhatsApp data cleaner:

Clean unwanted harmful files which use most of your device storage. Using this app you can speed up your device working to remove junk files.

6) QR Scan:

Scan anyones’ WhatsApp on your device and manage that according to you.

7) Share:

If you like this application's features and want to share them with your friends and relatives, you can directly do it using the share option.

And many more features are there, happy customers are our property and we serve the best to them.

Wrapping Up:

   ● WhatsApp Management tool
   ● WhatsApp Status Saver
   ● Restored Whatsapp deleted messages
   ● Multiple WhatsApp account handler app

Hope you like it.

Feel free to drop your review to encourage our team's hard work. And if you are facing any problem using this app, drop your message, we will get in touch soon.

Disclaimer: Whats web is created by us. It is neither an official WhatsApp application nor associated with WhatsApp Inc

From version Whats Web 8.0.4:

* WhatsApp Web media download supported- Images, Videos, Audios, Documents
* Video splitter for WhatsApp status and other
* Whats Web Keyboard hide/show feature added
* Whats Web zoom control supported
* Multiple languages supported
* Direct Chat feature added
* Whats web keyboard open issue fix
* Whats cleaner: clean sent/received media
* Status Saver: save other user status
* Improve app performance
* Fixed crash issue


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