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Whats Web Clonapp: Dual Messenger for WhatsApp Web Clone App

Whats web Clone App is an instant messaging app for Android to keep in touch with all of your contacts from WhatsApp web. Have you been looking for a dual messenger for WhatsApp? Wa web clonar app is the best clone app to your WhatsApp account and instant messaging to other phones, open Whats Web for WhatsApp for ipad, or tablets in a few seconds.

With Whats Web Clone app you will have two different mobile devices with the same WhatsApp account. With dual messenger story saver watshapp web, you can save WhatsApp web Stories to your device to keep them forever or share them with your friends and family. Whats web CloneApp Messenger - Dual messenger for WhatsApp Web & Status Saver - the original application for cloning your personal Whats chat account to another phone or tablet, Whats web for WhatsApp for ipad. This application is also for instant communication with contacts from your WhatsApp history. zap clone is a great cloner utility for storing all your data from watshapp web. With this app you can view your history and save statuses and media files in various available convenience formats.

All you need is three simple steps:

- Step 1: Open QR code in Whats Web Clonapp for wa web;
- Step 2: Open linked devices of your WhatsApp account;
- Step 3: Scan it!

● Direct connection: view the entire visual WhatsApp web history and have quick and direct access to all saved files;
● Speed: Scan, Direct, and View your WhatsApp history fast and easy;
● Availability: Start a whats chat with your unsaved contacts anytime;
● Data storage: View the history and all memories with your best friends and family;
● Convenience: Download WhatsApp web media in various available storages, such as rar, zip, pdf or docs;
● Easy-to-use: Open our app and wait for the QR code, open your WhatsApp Web account and scan it. That's it - very fast and easy!
● Status save: Open saving status, and you can save images and videos, as well as view them earlier;
● Extra use: when you switch to the PRO-version, you will not have any ads!

Facilitate the process of communication with your friends: install Clone App Dual Messenger and save your WhatsApp web story!

Note: This application is made by us and not related at all to WhatsApp LLC.
From version Whats Web Clonapp Messenger Clonapp_3.5.9:

We optimize our app to be more faster logging in and fix connection error for some users
Note: updating the app will not logout your account
You can now enable or disable keyboard while browsing your wa account
we fixed some bugs also


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