If you love to have text wallpaper on your mobile home & lock screen then Wallext is just for you!! Wallext creates custom wallpaper for you.

Add text on the image of your choice and set it as wallpaper. Customize background with your choice of Text, Texture & Background image. You can create Art wallpaper, Gradient wallpaper, Solid color wallpaper, Texture wallpaper, Pattern wallpaper, Customized wallpaper, Custom wallpapers, Classy wallpaper & easy Text wallpaper with Wallext smart App.

Wallext App Features:

✤ Add Different color backgrounds - Choose from Solid colors, Gradient colors & Pastel colors to background

✤ Add Custom Backgrounds - You can add Image background, or textures as wallpaper background - make wallpaper design of your choice for your personalized backgrounds

Edit Options:

➥ Set Text Size, Text Alignment & text style- easy font editor
➥ Change Font Color & adjust font size
➥ Change BG color
➥ Set Text Position

Set as Options:

➥ Set as Home screen wallpaper
➥ Set as Lock screen
➥ Set as Home screen & Lock screen
➥ Save to Gallery

Wallext works best as a text wallpaper creator with custom writing on photos. Create your own wallpaper and save wallpaper in the gallery to share with others.

How Wallext helps you with its easy User Interface!?

➽ Create wallpaper which is personalized for phone/tablet screen
➽ Easy Lock screen maker of typography
➽ Make picture wallpapers with Text designs
➽ Create Text image as wallpaper background
➽ Trending Pastel wallpapers with amazing color contrasting fonts
➽ Add text to photos and set photos as wallpaper
➽ Simple wallpaper editor & wallpaper maker with user friendly in-App functionalities
➽ Wallpaper saver having self created text designs

Download wallext now to benefit yourself with customized word filled wallpapers.
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