WalkFit is an easy walking app - just choose a weight loss program, set daily goals for walking, follow the fitness plan, walk, and burn calories! Start with just a few steps a day and you’ll start to see results in just 4 weeks.

Track your steps daily, count walking distance & burned calories - stay active and healthy with WalkFit, an interval walking app & step counter. This walk distance measurement app was designed by a professional coach to help you lose weight using walking workouts and get fit as part of your daily routine.

Main Features
• Walking distance tracker
• Calorie tracker
• Pedometer
• Steps counter or walking step tracker
• GPS walking tracker
• Personalized exercise programs
• Interval walking & speed walking fitness plans
• Sync with Fitbit activity tracker

Use the WalkFit step counter if your goal is to burn calories & track results. The smart algorithm adapts to your walking pace and can count steps.

You can be sure that our walk distance measurement app will correctly monitor your footsteps and make your activities count. Training progress records automatically, so there’s no need to count your steps. Easily check your walk time, distance & step count with graphic stats - daily, weekly, and monthly.

The app will track distance walked and steps no matter where your phone is. Don’t forget that WalkFit has a built-in GPS distance tracker to track outdoor fitness activities on a map.

Dare yourself to increase your daily physical activity and improve endurance & stamina with the WalkFit step counter app. You can also use the app as an activity tracker. Take part in our step challenges, track distance walked, and archive your fitness goals.

Walking Fitness Challenges
• Fat burning interval walking
• 7-minute walking for weight loss challenge
• Calorie Killer
• Walking for better sleep
• 10-minute walk
• Endurance and HIIT
• Outdoor walking exercises
• Indoor treadmill workouts

Let us create a custom plan for you! Walking for weight loss or just looking for a simple pedometer to stay in a good shape? The WalkFit walking step tracker app is suitable for both.

Our experts have prepared a questionnaire to understand your needs better. Just fill in the necessary details & get started on your fitness journey.

• Main goal: improve heart health, get outdoors or lose weight
• Choose your fitness level
• Target body type: lean, athletic, or shredded
• Target muscles: legs, belly, or buttocks
• Choose your bodyweight and fitness goal

Finally, get your personal interval walking plan with our activity tracker app. Walking for weight loss has never been this easy! What’s more, the WalkFit walking step tracker algorithm will help you to choose your starting step count. Remember that walking as part of an active lifestyle can reduce stress levels, get rid of negative thoughts, and help you to sleep better.

Subscription Info
The WalkFit walking app is an easy-to-follow fitness plan that will allow you to see results quickly. If running is not suitable for you, a weight loss walking approach can be efficient. WalkFit provides you with great opportunities to burn calories and lose belly fat!

You can download the individual training app with no money required. To use the walking tracker and have access to all features - e.g., walking distance tracker - we will require a subscription. Choose your fitness goals, start walking for weight loss, and get in shape with the WalkFit walking app.

Walk daily, track your success, and keep your fitness levels up.

Don't hesitate to send your feedback or suggestions to [email protected]

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