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*请不要随便将Google Play上的安装包分享给他人,因为启用了App Bundle,它仅与你的设备兼容,在其他设备上会有严重的兼容性问题。分享时请告知他人应用名称,在国内的应用商店下载即可。

*Please don't just share the installation package on Google Play with others, because App Bundle is enabled, it is only compatible with your device, and there will be serious compatibility issues on other devices. Please inform others of the application name when sharing, and you can download it from the domestic application store.
Currently, it supports automatic import of courses from the educational administration systems of many domestic colleges and universities~More will be supported in the future.

Main features:
Good looks;
Automatically import the timetable, as long as there is a timetable online, it can be generated;
Support week number display, and correctly display single and double week courses;
It is convenient and simple to add courses manually;
Concise and lightweight, no ads, no bloated power consumption, no background, very fast startup speed, click and watch after the class schedule is generated;
The desktop widgets are also well done.
From version WakeUp课程表Pro 3.9.09:

v3.9.09 更新内容:
1. 新适配一批学校
2. 修复已知正方、强智等教务导入问题
3. 主界面课程信息卡片长按可复制相应信息
4. 支持应用内切换语言
5. 完善内置浏览器


Words don’t need to be memorized, they will naturally blend into the context


Beginneros is an online learning platform dedicated to sharing knowledge, so that everyone can share and learn knowledge here.

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