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Are you bothered that your phone doesn't have enough sound volume? Then I believe this Volume Booster - Loud Speaker with Extra Sound is exactly what you need. Volume Booster enhances your music quality in a way more convenient way. It has a simple UI, guaranteeing you can fast to master it just in a few seconds. 📢

- Volume Booster is designed for music lovers and users who like loud and clear sound
- Volume Booster has a neat, simple user interface
- Boost sound for music, video, and game
- Support use with headphone, phone speaker and Bluetooth
- One-swipe to set the volume to a specific level
- Fast to adjust the volume to 40%, 60%, 80% and maximum level
- Choose any one of your music players to start playing with volume booster
- Small desktop widget for quick access

Various Boost Available:
🎶 Music, game, video, call volume boost
🎶 Bluetooth speaker, headphone volume amplifier
🎶 Control volume for various applications

Still finding a free and great volume booster to improve your music experience? Now you find our perfect Volume Booster - Loud Speaker with Extra Sound and make any extra sound volume as you want. Volume Booster is a little tool that boosts big volume. Download Volume Booster now and increase party mood! 📻
From version Volume Booster - Loud Speaker with Extra Sound 1.1.1:

1. Fix bugs reported by users
2. Optimize the exit dialog

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