Train, warm-up and check your voice with VocalFeel!
Perform a real time acoustic analysis, record your warm-up and your progress, watch our tutorials about voice warm-ups with VocalFeel!
A must have for the well being of your voice!

A suggestion for every day:
Every day we choose a suggestion or a quote about voice, so that you can start your day with the right attitude!

Real time acoustic analysis:
Watch your voice! You can perform a real time spectrogram, a power spectrum, voice power (dB) and resonance (Singing Power Ratio) measurements while warming-up or performing!

Record your performances and your warm-ups (PRO):
Record your voice and analyze your warm-ups and your performances whenever you want. Ask your voice teacher or your speech therapist for the best support!

Watch the tutorials (PRO):
Follow our tutorials about VocalFeel and you will get great results with your voice!
Discover everything about VocalFeel for a quick, safe and effective vocal warm-up and training!
Ask your voice teacher or your speech therapist for the best support!
From version VocalFeel 1.0:

- Bug fixing

Vocal Image: Voice & Speech

Improve diction, articulation, and public speaking with an AI-powered coach

Nail the Pitch - Vocal Pitch Monitor

Visualize the notes you sing in real-time.

Complete Vocal Technique

Your own personal copy of the entire CVT system available at your fingertips.

Voice Tools: Pitch, Tone, & Volume

Real-time Pitch, Tone, & Volume analyser for voice therapy.

Stylist4me - fashion stylists

Your fashion stylists in your pocket

Speech Level Singing Exercises

A voice training tool for singers with various vocal exercises.

Harmony Helper

Practice Singing and Harmonizing

Learn to Sing - Sing Sharp

Train to Sing in Tune – Vocal Exercise, Warm-Up, Ear Training and Singing Lesson

Pitch Perfector - Learn Perfect Pitch Ear Training

Train your ear and learn perfect pitch fast! Recognise any note easily! 🎵

7 Minute Vocal Warm Up

This app will walk you through a simple 7 minute vocal warm up.


Intonation tool and pitch recorder

Voice Training Pro - Learn To Sing

Become a better singer with voice training. Learn to sing with perfect pitch.

SWIFTSCALES - Vocal Trainer

Learn to sing, warm up, and train your voice with your own virtual vocal coach.

Vocal Pitch Monitor

It is an application which displays the pitch in real time.

The Vocal Coach

Learn to sing with celebrity vocal coach Annabel Williams

Iam a BAND, Voice Remover, Karaoke Maker, Splitter

A player to separate vocals and instrument from any song and practice music!

Riff Studio

Build your setlist, adjust pitch and speed of songs and play & sing along! \m/

Vocal Trainer - Sing Better

Sing better. Improve your singing skills and increase your vocal confidence

Vocalizzo - Vocal Warm-up

Vocalizzo is an application for vocal warm-up.

Vocalizzo Lite - Vocal Warm-up

Vocalizzo Lite is a free application for vocal warm-up.