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Virtual Dyno is a personal dyno software package that runs on Android 2.2 or higher. With Virtual Dyno you can play "what if" with your engine or chassis setup without buying the parts first. Virtual Dyno is designed to produce as close to "real world" results as possible, but it is also designed to be pessimistic in the numbers that it produces. That means that things like 1/4 mile times should be realistic enough to be achieved by an experienced driver familiar with the car.

We have made every attempt to make Virtual Dyno produce numbers that you can not only achieve, but exceed. Not all variables can be estimated like this, so weather and track conditions can make a huge difference in actual results. Altitude also plays a role in the results. Virtual Dyno is calibrated for an altitude of 900 ft. above sea level, and an atmospheric pressure of 14.7.

Virtual Dyno allows you to enter specifications about a particular engine/vehicle combination and calculates all needed information so that you can see what kind of performance to expect. Virtual Dyno shows you true compression, engine CFM, total HP, NET HP, peak torque @ RPM, 1/4 mile performance, 60 foot times, and more. This version is based on our Virtual Dyno Pro software that has been used by machine shops and engine builders since 1995 to help their customers make informed choices before buying parts.

Virtual Dyno allows you to play "what if" with any of the specs for a combination, to see how it effects the outcome. It is very accurate, and handles Nitrous Oxide kits and turbo or superchargers with ease.

You can load engines from the supplied database, save new engines to the database, load and save files to the internal SD card, and even send your creations to a friend as a Virtual Dyno file so they can play with the file on their copy of Virtual Dyno. You can also send the file as a printable vehicle report to any computer on the internet to be viewed or printed easily.

You don't need to be an engineer to work with Virtual Dyno. You will need to know critical information about your engine and car, but all of those figures can be found in manuals and repair guides. You will also need your cam card if you have changed cam shafts. All of the specs are a matter of looking them up in manuals that you probably already have. Virtual Dyno also comes with a database of pre-defined engines so you can just pick an engine and then make changes to match your own engine.

Even if you don't build cars for a living, it's nice to know how a planned change on your favorite ride will turn out. You can also do the same for your friends, or even the competition if you can get them to brag a bit!

Virtual Dyno requires a device with screen resolution of 480x320 or higher to run, and fully supports large tablets.
From version Virtual Dyno PRO 1.5.3:

Better large engine handling. More code cleanup, Android 9 support.

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