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HELLO VIP! Welcome to VIP Pageantry, VIP Pageantry TV and VIP Pageantry Magazine!

Here you will get direct access to all of the hottest pageant trends and latest pageant stories and news! Get complete access to the best of VIP including all of our social streams!

Starting January 17th, you can watch your favorite VIP Pageantry TV programs and streaming content, right here in the palm of your hand. It's as simple as download the app and watch away!

Read through your FREE Digital Copy of VIP PAGEANTRY MAGAZINE. Each issue will bring you Pageant style tips, beauty news, the latest swoon-worthy runway looks, and in-depth articles, Coaches tips and celebrity interviews.

All videos are transformative and constitute fair-use of any copyrighted material. Video output in HD (1080p) although some of the edited footage may be of older film quality originally shot in 4:3 format
From version VIP Pageantry 1.0:

HELLO VIP! Welcome to VIP Pageantry, VIP Pageantry TV & VIP Pageantry Magazine!

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