- encryption AES-256
- attachments (will encrypted if enabled encryption for note)
- view and edit attached files inside application (text and html, photo)
- folders: unlimited nesting (only in full version)
- formatting text
- password's input methods ( digital/full/pattern 3x3/pattern 4x4)
- quick login (short password/fingerprint scanner/biometric)
- clearing data after many attempt to wrong password
- separate password for imperceptible data clearing
- auto-lock by time
- widgets and shortcuts for notes or attached files
- icon library (custom icons)
- color themes
- backup/restore database
- reminders
- labels
- support "Samsung DEX"
- does not contain advertising
- does not require Internet access

limitations of the free version:
- you can create only 3 folder
- only one attached file per one row
- cannot upload custom icons
- attaching file: allowed only from camera and gallery
- disabled automation (automatically backup and reminders without links to notes)
- disabled undo/redo functions
- disabled backup/restore direct through other application ( like clouds )

Some explanation::
- encryption is disabled by default!
- data will be encrypted using you password
- note encryption is enabling in the note editing window.
- the note body and attached files will be encrypted, the note name is not encrypted!
- attached files are encrypted if encryption is enabled for the note they are attached to
From version VIP Notes 9.9.56:

Some things have been added/improved/fixed
See details in the "ABOUT" window

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