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NEW! Let’s learn how to dance and record yourself with your favorite choreographer. Whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, choose your song and follow our tutorials.

Your choreographer explains step by step all the movements and attitudes to you.

Take a video of yourself dancing with the choreographer next to you!

Have fun, learn and share your videos on social networks!

Join our community of dancers. All reunited with the same passion of dancing in the same application: VIBZ.
1. Download the application
2. Create an account
3. Start your first tutorial
4. Record yourself with your choreographer
5. Share on the social networks

A full catalog of tutorials is available with different:
- Level
- Style
- And choreographers

Lean at your own pace and as much as you want.
From version Vibz: dance tutorials 2.4.2:

Vibz v2 is here!

+ Discover a new way to create stunning dance videos!
+ Find out your favorite choreographers beside you with the new camera mode
+ New choreographies
+ New app design