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简单易用的界面、令人惊叹的功能和深入核心的优化,另其成为有史以来极其重大的 V2EX 客户端(误。

V2EX+ 之所以与众不同,Material Design 功不可没。在你开启应用的瞬间,你就会感觉一见如故。事实上,这样感觉并非偶然,而是源自于这种设计。不但看起来令人赏心悦目,更为让你用起来能得心应手。

由于 Google 废弃 WebView 登录以及没有站点权限等不可抗拒力,不支持 Google 登录功能。

Beta 版本:

An easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and deep-core optimizations make it the most significant V2EX client ever (wrong.

What makes the V2EX+ special is Material Design. The moment you open the app, you'll feel right at first sight. In fact, this feeling is not accidental, but stems from the design. Not only does it look pleasing to the eye, but it also makes it easy for you to use.

Due to irresistible force such as Google's abandonment of WebView login and lack of site permissions, the Google login function is not supported.

Beta version:

Unofficial app.
From version V2EX+ 1.27.15:


HTTP Request Shortcuts

Submit HTTP Requests from Shortcuts on your Home Screen.


Books hard to find, easy to read priceless. Rivers and lakes of the people, make friends through literature.

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Video 1080P is our basic operation, 4K HD is our goal.

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Lightning Homecoming Pro is an accelerator designed for overseas Chinese, overseas students, and overseas business trip user groups to overcome the wall and return to China. One-click speed up the return to the country without barriers, free access to domestic resources, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, watching live broadcasts, playing online games, saying goodbye to delays and stuttering

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iDaily · 每日环球视野

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文学城 -

Literary City ( official version - Android.


A network debug tool on Android platform


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v2ray Android client

Readings Viewer

Improving your reading experience


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BaoLianDeng: Global routing VPN

Next generation VPN for Android.

V2er - 好用的V2EX客户端

A nice V2EX client


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