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From version Urban Living Festival 2021.2:

- Introducing custom list contact
- Dates and times now take the device time zone into consideration
- Various bug fixes and improvements

BenchApp Free Team Manager

BenchApp is the ultimate hockey, soccer and baseball team manager.

Booker Mobile App

Manage your business anytime, anywhere with the Booker Mobile App!


Mobile learning app for DFS employees

EcoFlow - Power a New World

Power a New World


Field Documentation Tool

Enphase Installer Toolkit

New Easy-to-follow workflow for faster and efficient installations

Enlighten Manager

Manage and maintain multiple Enphase Systems with Enlighten Manager.

Meltwater Mobile

Stay on top of the story anytime, from anywhere


One-stop Client Portal for Your Business

New in Chess Books

Chess Books by New in Chess

New In Chess

New In Chess, a must-read magazine for all chess aficionados, with gameviewer

McKinsey PS Practice Test

The McKinsey PS Practice app delivers three McKinsey problem solving tests.

SAP Business ByDesign Mobile

Keep your business moving, in the office or on the go.

simPRO eForms

eForms digitises your forms workflow, ending your dependency on paper forms.

Business Plan

An application designed to help you complete your Business Plan for the project

SPOTIO | Field Sales App

Outside Sales Management


Oriens is an inspiring, research – based nutraceutical company.

ERPNext Mobile

Fully featured mobile app for ERPNext helps you manage your business on the go.

ShipMe Mobile

Create Pre-Alerts, track and manage shipments from your ShipMe Mobile app.

⚡ Business Ideas - Plan, Forecast & Pitch⚡

⚡ Plan, Financially Forecast, Organize & Develop Your Business Ideas & Pitches⚡