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NOTE: UPM is no longer being actively developed or supported. It's being left here so existing users can continue using it but new users are encouraged to use a different password manager.

Universal Password Manager allows you to store all your usernames, passwords, URLs and notes in an AES encrypted database protected by one master password.

Internet access is only needed if you use the Remote Database feature. See website for details.
From version Universal Password Manager 1.17:

Upgraded to work with Dropbox v2 API

Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro is a secure password organizer and password generator.

Cyclonis Password Manager

Manage your passwords in a personal vault, encrypted with AES-256 bit.

mPass - Secure Password Manager

A new way to manage your passwords, logins, notes and other credentials.

Password Saver - simple and secure

This app stores your passwords.

Password Locker Pro

Password Locker: Hide and lock your personal passwords & secret information!

PasswdSafe - Password Safe

PasswdSafe is a port of Password Safe ( to Android

oneSafe | password manager

oneSafe secures all your confidential info, it's Fort Knox in your pocket!

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

A complete privileged account management and security solution for enterprises

mSecure - Password Manager

The safest and easiest way to manage your passwords.

NS Wallet: Offline Password Manager

Secure Data Keeper: fingerprint access, 2FA, passwords generation, custom fields

Password Safe - Secure Password Manager

Offline password manager to securely store passwords, logins and more. 🛡️

EDS – encrypt your files to keep your data safe

Hide and protect your files inside an encrypted container.

Simple Password Manager - Secret Notes

Password Manager is the easiest way to access all your passwords, secret notes.

SealNote Secure Encrypted Note

Safe, secure and simple notepad application with password protection.

AuthPass – Keepass compatible Password Manager

Keep your passwords and accounts secure across all platforms and devices.

PassKeep - Password Manager

100% free and simple password manager for safe keeping of all your passwords.

PassK - Password Manager

Store your passwords safely with PassK

aWallet Password Manager

Android Wallet Password Manager

CCTV Password Hack PRO

One app for all DVRs. Unlock your DVR password quickly and easily

SafeBox password manager

SafeBox password manager, the best way to manage your private data