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Turn your device into a virtual traffic count board capable of logging up to 4 vehicles and 2 pedestrian movements per approach on up to four approaches. Up to 4 vehicle classifications are possible. Data from the app is exported as a TDL file which can be analyzed for FREE with two different tools: a web-based one ( and a stand-alone one for Windows computers available from

Both analysis tools produce reports in Excel (XLSX) format and include a summary of the peak hour, vehicle types by movement and approach, etc. Both analysis tools also provide access to the full count data.

LITE and PRO Versions Comparison
The PRO version allows you to conduct counts from a video as well as to conduct hybrid counts (field and video based) that allow reducing the number of surveyors required to conduct a count at a complex intersection count to just one. The software required to play videos is available for FREE from

The PRO version include the ability to pause a count, play the video faster, rewind and forward the video as needed while keeping the correct time stamp information for each vehicle logged. In the PRO version you can also specify the time interval where vehicle and pedestrian events are stored.

App Functionality
+ Customizable interface allows you to select which count features are displayed.

+ Full and single approach interfaces available to make the count process simpler.

+ You can specify where the north is on the screen thus making it easier to count from any corner of the intersection.

+ Counts from multiple surveyors can be combined into one automatically using the FREE analysis tools. Perfect for busy intersections and for taking breaks.

+ Do not worry about the loss of data or the battery running out: all data is recorded every 30 seconds so in case something unforeseen happens (such as you run out of battery) you will not lose more than 30 seconds of the study.
From version Turning Movement Count Pro Varies with device:

Ability to change the position of the northbound arrow on all interfaces (including remote) from the Interface Settings screen.

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