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Trukker Load helps fleet owners of all kinds, starting from a single truck owner to a transportation company, to find the best loads in pan GCC.

It is more than a cargo and load searching app. We have a fully integrated marketplace experience to help carrier operators search & book loads instantly and manage their fleet without making a phone call. We aim to help fleet carriers grow their business, and keep their trucks fully loaded on their mostly loved lanes.

Trukker Load Board features

1) Search relevant loads, see prices, instantly bid and re-bid, and finally confirm loads.

2) Assign booked orders to the drivers and get instant updates for shipment status.

3) Effectively manage your fleet through real time location tracking and checking their availability for dispatching a shipment.

4) Reduce manual paperwork process with our functionality to electronically upload POD, and other relevant documents.

5) Real time payment status update and faster payments.

6) Statistics & Analytics to keep a track on your order volume & performance.

7) Real time notifications & 24/7 available Trukker help centre.

We aim to provide you with the best experience every time you book a load with us. Let us get you loaded today!
From version TruKKer Load 7.3:

Truck and sub Truck type changes