Trees and shrubs allows you to easily identify 304 trees and shrubs, either native from Europe or introduced.
These are generally wild trees and shrubs, but the cultivated species have been included for a large part of them.
For each species several photos are proposed, for example:

• The whole tree
• Leaves
• Flowers
• Fruits or seeds
• Trunk or bark

All photos are included in the software. You can therefore use Trees and shrubs during your walks in the countryside, without an internet connection.

- An assistant allows you to select criteria such as the shape or structure of the leaves, flowers, fruits. Thus, you can reduce the search to a limited number of species, and even directly identify a tree, in some cases.
- The assistant is divided into two pages: the first page shows the trees with leaves, the second shows the conifers.
- Distribution map in Europe for each species.
- List view by name, Latin name, or both family and name, and by groups.
- Search by word (English name or Latin name) directly from the home screen.
- For each species, you can write personal notes.
- Export, save or share notes by email.
- List of favorite species, which allows you to gather the trees or shrubs you want to examine or compare.
- Send the current species by email: a button is provided for this purpose at the end of the description of each species (internet connection required)
- For each species: Description, flowering period, size, size of the flowers, altitude range, lifespan.

At any time, you can display all members of the same genus or family than the displayed species using the buttons below the image.

Very soon :
- Ellenberg ecological indicators for each species.
- Other species will be added quickly.

Warning ! Despite all the precautions taken during the development of this software, errors could remain. If you notice an error, you can contact us using the contact address you will find on or in the software under the help / contact section.
From version Trees and shrubs 1.7:

Revised and corrected version. Some minor changes in the interface. Some species added.

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