Simple and easy activity log keeper is here to help you and solve your many problems.
Keep a track of your day to day activities in a very easy way.
Timestamp your Activities which can even help you in creating good habits.

How "Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note" works?
Install Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note Application from Playstore.
• Add Your activity by simply clicking on “+”
• Change and select category from the List
• Add new Category of activity
• Check your all activities by selecting “All” option
• You can check activities category wise also
• Edit options available for all fields
• Add a Note of your activities
• Change DateTime format as required
• On/Off toggle available to Set theme, Location, or to show milliseconds
• Select/active Dark mode when needed
• Record your Location

Interesting Features:
• Having category wise activity Log
• Add Date timestamp, Location, Note for Activities
• You can keep a record of the exact time any activity occurred and also can measure No.of times
• Available categories: All, Default, Baby, Book, Food, Gym, Home, Pill, Travel, Cap, Car, Flame, Flowers, Gift, Heart, Hospital, Map, Money, Movie, Music, Night, Pet, Phone, Pizza, Shopping Bag, Sport, Stop Watch, Train, Water, Weather

Why to have "Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note Application" in Your Smartphone
• To Improve Efficiency
• To Increase productivity
• Supports in enhancing activeness
• Give assistance for Routine Management
• To keep a track of Activities
• Helps in developing good habits

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:
• All those who want to keep record of new born Baby during stages like Pregnancy,Labour and care until a baby turns Toddler.
• Keep a timestamp of Book reading, purchasing, sharing by adding a note related to it
• Keep a note of your daily Food intake as well as diet plan. For example, 2 Bananas at 11 a.m., Daily dinner time track record etc.
• Add Gym, Exercise, Yoga Session updates with the help of time stamper
• Listing entries for Pills/medicine timings that is prescribed by Doctor
• Keep a record of your Travel - Beginning of trip with DateTime, new places visited - entry with Datetime & Note - what did you find new during that visit, you can keep note of it.
• Record your Location of hunting, trekking, fishing, exploring, etc.
• Enrollment of few of your purchases with DateTime & Note
• Maintain a list of Money spent/lent/borrowed with DateTime & Note
• Keep a record of your Hospital visits
• Listing of your favorite Music that you listened at a time, you liked, create a note of it
• Details regarding your Vehicles - Cars & Bikes servicing, Fuel, Travel duration etc
• Put all details about your Pet Care to track vaccination, feeding, hair cutting etc. timings
• Note when did you aboard Train/Bus/Ship, total time of journey etc.
• Put a Mark on water intake, and be well aware with your routine
• Keep a record of your Sports Activities
• Make a list of your Shopping also along with Note and Date/time of purchase

Certainly, you will love to know your every activities, having records along with Datetime, Note.
It’s very easy to add things and get used to it to maintain your daily habits and routine.

If you are impressed with the ways of utilizing Application, Then try it by yourself and enjoy your Active - Productive day to day Time with Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note Application.
From version Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note 1.2.4:

- Arrange category order
- Bug fixes and performance improvement
We're regularly making changes and improvements. To make sure you don't miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

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