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Get to learn the times tables games for kids free in an easy and fun way. Enjoy our math games for 1st graders and our mental calculation app to become the king of maths.

Do you wonder how to multiply playing? Very easy, download our math games for 2nd graders and in a short time you will notice that you have improved a lot. Multiplication tables for kids free will no longer be a problem for you.

☑ Our multiplications free for kids have 4 game modes to choose from: ordered, jumbled, mixed for 120 seconds or with 10 mixed questions.
☑ 2 ways to respond: choose between 4 options or write the correct answer.

The difficulty varies but the goal is the same: learn the times tables free for kids. You are very close to becoming the king of maths! 😜

Use the math games for 4th graders that we have developed and discover the exclusive statistics section that keeps each question you answer so that you can easily see where you hit and fail in each times tables games for kids free. You can reset the statistics at any time to see the evolution you are having with our mental calculation app.


★ Discover how to multiply playing in 4 game modes: ordered, jumbled, mixed tables for 120 seconds or with 10 mixed questions
★ 2 ways to answer the questions: choose options or write answers
★ Select the table you want and look, review and study it before playing the multiplication table free for kids
★ Statistics section to see where you're right and where you need to improve
★ You will always see the correct answer in each question
★ Multiplications for kids free from 1 to 10
★ Records, the ones that you have finished without errors and each question that you answer are saved
★ Translated to 14 languages

Give a try to multiplication tables for kids free and become the king of maths. 😍 Do not be afraid of them, they are not difficult, you just have to study in a more fun way to put more interest, try our mental calculation app and enjoy learning something that you will need and use all your life.
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