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The Ear Gym -Ear Trainer The most complete ear trainer on the market. Ear training for musicians

The Ear Gym -Ear Trainer is an efficient ear training app that lets the users learn about chords, harmony and intervals. This ear trainer offers the users music training and various exercises for intervals, scales, chords, perfect pitch, harmony, analysis etc..!

If you need a music learning app to get ear training for music, this is the right music learning app for you. Using this ear trainer app, you can learn everything about intervals ranging from the perfect unison to the double octave, ascending or descending intervals and harmonic or melodic intervals. Also, this ear training app offers 29 different types of chords and over 40 types of scales. You can learn about music harmony through analysis, chords and cadences identification.

There are many educational apps for music, but by using this app to learn music you will be able to get more than theoretical musical knowledge. This ear trainer offers you many different ear training exercises such as interval ear training and includes interval reading, comparison, construction, identification, inversion and singing. Also, this music learning app offers chords exercises for reading, comparison, identification, construction and inversion of chords as well as scales recognition, scales reading, scales singing, chord progressions, analysis etc..

The ear training for music on the app is quite easy to learn, offering you simple and fun ways to get your musical education fast. On this ear training app, you can also get clef reading and key identification training . The ear training exercises also include perfect pitch ear training.

Try this ear trainer and improve your music skills!

✔ Interval ear training and exercises
✔ Chords ear training and exercises
✔ 29 different types of chords
✔ Harmonic or melodic intervals and chords
✔ Scale ear training and exercises
✔ Analysis ear training and exercises
✔ Perfect pitch and clef reading training
✔ Scales training
✔ Free for download
Train your ear and get your musical education through fun and easy exercises!
Download it now for FREE!
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