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Do you have what it takes to be a successful Tycoon? Do you want to build the greatest business empire of all time?
It's time to show the world your skills with this awesome free multiplayer business game.

Main features:

- Attractive, simple and intuitive graphics
- Choose from over 50 different business sectors
- Create a successful team with your Managers
- Win huge rewards by participating in the weekly extreme trading event (X-Trader)
- Trade factories with other players in normal or auction mode
- Participate in the periodic events of the rich schedule to earn rich rewards
- Directly manage production, logistics, marketing, product quality and employees
- Develop your business with research
- Challenge the competitors and gain market share
- Run special factories with your friends and climb the rankings
- Invest in commodities and equity indices

Test your skills and develop your business to become the richest and most powerful Tycoon.
To become a successful Tycoon in this multiplayer business game, you will need business vision, strategy and determination.

Download The Business Keys now, it's free!

Start the game, choose one of the 8 basic sectors and start your first factory.
Upgrade the factory and its warehouse to increase earnings. Complete Missions and collect rewards from the Startup event to accelerate your growth.
Hire managers to improve the performance of your business. Increase their skills with training and accelerate your economic development.
Finance your business strategy by borrowing from the bank.
Win huge rewards by participating in the X-Trader event: you will challenge other players in extreme trading sessions and compete for the overall ranking. Only the strongest and most tenacious will win!

Start new factories to increase your earnings: choose whether to start them from scratch or buy one (or more then one) already started by other players in Trading already .
Earn huge rewards from periodic events by tearing up the competition: you will be able to compete in factory and index trading, market shares and much more.
Carry out your business strategy with daily tasks and manage production, logistics, marketing, product quality and employees. You have plenty of options to get very useful bonuses.
Invest in innovation with research to gain competitive advantages.
Improve the key factors of individual challenges, beat the competition and conquer market share.

Share your business strategy with friends: create a team to manage special factories together and earn huge amount of money and rewards from the leaderboard.
Invest in commodities and stock indices trading to profit from market fluctuations.

Complete the fiscal period every 7 days: distribute your earnings and climb the general ranking to become the richest and most powerful Tycoon.

What are you waiting for? Download The Business Keys: the multiplayer business game you've been looking for!

Other relevant features:

- Ads optimization algorithm that makes the gaming experience enjoyable without too many interruptions
- Do you need assistance? Contact us at [email protected]
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