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The testo Smart App guides you through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled measuring instruments from Testo.

The testo Smart App is your control unit for

- all Testo Smart Probes
- all testo 550s, testo 557s and testo 550i digital manifolds
- testo 552i vacuum gauges
- the testo 770-3 clamp meter
- testo 420
- testo 552
- testo 915i

It ensures more mobile and easier measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow velocity than ever before.

Main features/benefits (visually supported by images/screens)
- Measurement menus for a wide range of applications facilitate quick and easy configuration and performance of the measurement
- Measured values are displayed in graphic form to enable quick reading of the results
- Easy creation of digital measurement protocols and documentation including photos as well as sending via e-mail

Applications using the testo Smart App
Refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps:
- Tightness test: recording and analysis of the pressure curve
- Superheating and subcooling: automatic determination of condensation and evaporation temperature and calculation of superheating/subcooling
- Target superheating: automatic calculation of the target superheat
- Measuring vacuum: graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value
Indoor air quality and comfort level:
- Temperature and humidity: automatic calculation of the dewpoint and wet bulb temperature
Ventilation systems:
- Duct measurements: Following intuitive input of the duct cross-section, the App calculates the volume flow completely automatically.
- Outlet measurements: easy parameterization of the outlet (dimensions and geometry), comparison of volume flows of several outlets when adjusting a ventilation system, continuous and multi-point mean calculation
Conventional heating systems
- Temperature measurement: rapid detection of temperature changes via graphic progression display, easy selection of emissivity thanks to stored materials list
From version testo Smart

New function added:
Tightness test with Testo 510i differential pressure Smart Probe


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