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The testo Smart Probes APP makes your mobile device to a remote control and measurement data centre.

Application specific menus (e.g.):
- AC + Refrigeration: automatic calculation of system parameters, like superheat or subcooling
- Volume Flow (outlet / duct): easy set up of your measurement and performing a punctual or continuous measurement.
- IR Temperature and Mould Indication: contactless temperature measurement with fast photo documentation and detection of areas with mould risk.

- Control and monitor the Smart Probes via Smartphone / Tablet wireless
- Monitor trendings via APP and record and send them as an excel sheet (.csv)
- Create and send .pdf-reports, incl. picture of the measurement location
- Use up to six smart probes at the same time
- Wireless range of appr. 15m (depends on mobile device used)

Preconditions for using:
- Use a testo Smart Probe (testo 115i, testo 405i, testo 410i, testo 510i, testo 549i, testo 605i, testo 805i, testo 905i)
- Requires Android 4.3 or newer, plus mobiles end device with Bluetooth 4.0 LE
From version testo Smart Probes

- It is now possible to set the zooming of the trending diagram dynamically
- Bugfixes


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