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Android App for the testo measure analyzers

• testo 320
• testo 324
• testo 327-2
• testo 330 (for the testo 330i please use the testo 330i App)
• testo 335
• testo 340
• testo 350 (from 2011)

You can only start and use the Combustion App if you have one of these Testo analyzers with built-in Bluetooth option. For the digital manifold testo 550 and 557 please use the Testo Refrigeration App.

In conjuction with these analyzers the Combustion App can be used to:

• start/stop the analyzer fom the Android smartphone or tablet
• view the current measure values as table or chart on the Android Smartphone
• save the current measure values as CSV or PDF file on the SD memory card
• send this file as attachement of an email
• print the current measure values on the testo printer 0554.0543, 0554.0620 or 0554.0621

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