Telerik UI for Xamarin is a library of native and customizable UI controls for building stunning cross-platform mobile applications for the most popular mobile platforms including iOS.

This application shows scenarios developers can achieve using Telerik UI for Xamarin. Browse the examples to get the first-hand experience with the suite. A Source code is available for every example.

Telerik UI for Xamarin key components:

Predefined Theme, Localization and Globalization

A control that enables you to easily visualize and edit images in different file formats in your mobile application.

A data visualization control whose primary purpose is to visualize rich spatial data. The control provides visualization of ESRI shapefiles that consist of geometric objects, such as lines, polylines and polygons.

It enables you to easily load and display PDF documents natively in your application. It comes with full integration with the RadPdfViewerToolbar.

RadPopup lets you display content of your choice on top of the existing view. The component provides a flexible API.

A mechanism for child elements to be docked to the left, right, top and bottom or to occupy the center area of the layout.

Calendar & Scheduling
The Calendar is a highly customizable calendar component that offers:

•Day, Week, Month, WorkWeek, MultiDay and Year views.
•Recurring appointments and built-in dialogs
•Flexible Styling API.

Accordion & Expander
Those components help you save screen space and at the same time present the content to the end user in an easily accessible way.

The control has different filtering options, tokens support, and remote search, as well as full customization capabilities.

Conversational UI
This Chat component allows you to create modern chat experiences in your apps, regardless of the chatbot framework you choose.

Barcode is a control used for creating and showing barcodes.

It works with hierarchical data structures. Also provides commands, data binding, checkbox and Load on Demand support.

The control provides operations like sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing over the underlying data.

NumericInput is a highly customizable input control for numeric data.

The button UI allows you to add rotation, shapes, transparency, text, and backgrounds and images for a custom look and feel.

Allows item selection from a dropdown list in editable or non-editable modes. Allows single or multiple selection.

Using the MaskInput in your app, you can now ensure correct input is provided by the end users with the support for predefined tokens such as digits, chars, letters, alphanumeric input etc or regex of your choice.

Linear and Radial Gauges
The gauge indicates and gives a visual display of amount, level, or contents of something.

It provides the most frequently used functionalities. It comes with:

•Different layout modes.
•UI virtualization.
•Cells swipe.
•Styling API.

A versatile of 12+ Chart types that offers full customization, great performance and an intuitive object model.

It allows users to intuitively rate by selecting a number of items [stars] from a predefined number of items.

It allows you to display a notification whenever a longer-running process is being handled by the application.

This component allows you to display a list of horizontally aligned, mutually exclusive options, which can be selected by the user.

This steps on the popular navigation pattern where you can access all your application screens from a single sliding menu.

Allows creating and editing rich text content through WYSIWYG interface.

You can find the End User License Agreement here:
From version Telerik UI for Xamarin Samples 2.22:

This is a new version of the Telerik UI for Xamarin Samples which features new and improved examples for RadBarcode, RadCalendar and RadRichTextEditor, as well as fixes and improvements for other controls.

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