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Magnus Carlsen, the world champion in chess brings you Tactics Frenzy.

Solve millions of unique, entertaining and high-quality chess puzzles. Start competing for prizes in the monthly high score lists.

Tactics Frenzy has been developed by the world champion Magnus Carlsen, WGM Olga Dolzhikova, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, GM Aryan Tari, and IM Sebastian Mihajlov.

The computer-generated puzzles have been created by the first author of Stockfish (the world's strongest chess engine) Tord Romstad and chess puzzle developer Martin Bennedik. Human-generated puzzles are also thrown into the mix, all approved by our team of Chess Experts.

Follow the development of Tactics Frenzy on Magnus Carlsen's YouTube channel and be an active part of the community. Tell us what you would like to see next.

Become a member and participate in monthly competitions, and unlock exclusive features.

Win Awesome Stuff
Win gold, silver or bronze prizes in all our monthly competitions, sponsored by Chess24, Chessable, Magnus Trainer and Magnus Carlsen himself.

Choose Your Difficulty
Can you handle 5-minute frenzies? With membership, you can compete in three additional difficulty settings, each with their own high score list and prizes to win.

Unlimited Attempts
Membership gives you infinite attempts at climbing the high score lists.

Exclusive Features
As a member, you get to be the first to access exclusive new features from our ongoing development of Tactics Frenzy

Review Mistakes
Learn while playing. Membership unlocks the review mistakes feature in timed mode.

Need to learn and train more chess?
Try our app called Magnus Trainer where you can play mini-games and read theory lessons to improve your chess skills.

Do you want to challenge the world champ?
Try our app called Play Magnus and play against the world chess champion of different ages.

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Tactics Frenzy is built by the world champion in chess and his team, who wants to make the world a smarter place through chess!


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From version Tactics Frenzy – Chess Puzzles 1.61:

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