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Super Hen Hunt is the ultimate game of hide and seek! Children aged 4-8 will love this educational app game – navigating chicken through 225 levels of 3D mazes to find his chicken friend will develop problem solving, memory and spatial cognition skills in this fun and challenging game.

In this epic maze adventure help our Chicken maze runner search for keys, catch monsters, ride platforms and zip around using teleporters in this all new imagining of the classic Busy Things game.

With 75 unique mazes ranging from easy to hard, 3 different play styles and tons of unlockables, this maze for kids will provide hours of fun for (you and) your child!


• 75 mazes with 225 progressive levels for children 4-8 years old
• Maze puzzles are packed with fun obstacles and problem solving challenges
• Underground mode: Attempt the mazes in the dark!
• Corn Caper mode: Collect boxes of corn against the clock
• Collect chocolate coins to exchange for awesome goodies and upgrades (no in-app purchases) and customise your game
• Fun graphics, entertaining characters and funny sound effects
• No time limits (apart from corn caper), play at your own pace
• No internet connection required
• No in-app purchases, no third-party ads


• Problem solving skills and logic
• Cause and effect reasoning
• Memory and concentration
• Strategy, creative thinking and planning ahead
• Spatial cognition
• Sequencing
• Directional language
• Fine motor skills, coordination and reactions
• Attention, patience and perseverance


At Busy Things we believe that children learn better with laughter! Our dream is to inspire a love of learning in children across the world by combining fun and laughter with the highest quality of curriculum-linked content.

We have been making award-winning educational resources and eduapps for over 10 years now. From Early Years open-ended play to more structured learning in Key Stages 1 and 2 – you can rely on all our activities being filled with fun, humorous characters and lively colourful settings in a safe online environment!

Learn more about Busy Things and our products at busythings.co.uk
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