The world of expression will transform from the conventional two-dimensional space to an even richer three-dimensional space, connecting our digital visions to the real world.

STYLY is the AR/VR creative platform for new digital experiences created by artists all over the world.

■50,000+ AR/VR Works.
STYLY has over 50,000 works of art created by artists from around the world.
Artworks are launched by selecting them from the app's Gallery or by scanning the STYLY markers with the in-app camera. STYLY Mobile is completely free!

■A collection of artists' works
You can explore AR/VR artworks in STYLY, created by artists / creators around the world who embody modern culture, including fashion, music, video and graphics.

■Exhibition in various Location
During real events, the STYLY markers can be scanned to experience AR artworks created for a location, such as a real-world facility.

■STYLY Session (beta) release
STYLY Session is a function that allows you to hold a virtual tour that can be experienced by multiple people. It is compatible with multiple devices, and users can easily participate with their own devices while communicating through voice chat.

All of the AR/VR artworks on STYLY Mobile are created using a web browser tool called STYLY Studio, which is a free 3D creation tool that anyone can use.

STYLY Studio:

* Please note that using the AR function continuously will lead to faster battery consumption.
From version STYLY:AR/VR Platform 8.0.16:

bug fix