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More visible at night with your phone. Or let your phone flash the 1–4–3 (I LOVE YOU) light!

Use phone LED flash as a strobe light or flashlight.

Sound activated feature to flash to ambient sound (requires microphone permission).

Splash of colors. Flash the screen, alone or synchronized with camera LED flashes, with one or more colors.

Widgets support. Launch strobe lights with different frequencies from the launcher screen by creating app widgets.

Supports front flash, if any.

May be used as a coarse stroboscope, with limitations due to device hardware, on devices that support fast turning on/off of the LED flash.
From version Strobe Varies with device:

Add screen button.

Color LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Bright LED flashlight app. Strobe light mode enables strong camera flash light

Flashlight LED - Universe

LED Flashlight with the unique design

Flashlight HD LED

The brightest and fastest flashlight. Get it NOW for free !

Music Strobe Light app - Led torch flashlight free

Strobe light tachometer 💥 Flashlight free download for android

Strobe Light

Host sweet rave parties with Strobe Light!


The brightest and easy to use flashlight app. No annoying features.


The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight.


Instantly turn your device into a bright Flashlight.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Flashlight app. Uses the camera LED / flash / screen as a torch.

Screen Flashlight

A powerful flashlight that uses your screen's light.

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

The flash will blink when mobile phone receives a Call, Message or Notifications


🏅 The World's #1 Flashlight. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The Brightest & Fastest Flashlight🔦 .


Bright. Handy. Elegant. This is a MEGA flashlight app.

Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS

Customize LED flash alert notifications for phone calls, sms (text), and email!

Flashlight 🔦🌟💡

🌟 Brightest and fastest flashlight, plus the best features in a flashlight 🔦💡

Simple Flashlight: LED lamp

Led light controller with brightness control and customizable color, stroboscope

Speedbot. Free GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

The most accurate speedometer with speed limiter and onboard OBD2 computer

Mood Light - Best Night and Reader Light Lamp

Use your phone screen as a lamp for sleeping or reading.

Flash screen – music strobe disco light for rave

Flash screen – Turn the colorful disco strobe light on. Feel the best rave!

FlashOnCall PRO 2021

Flash on call, sms and applications. (Flash side: back, front or both)