University Students:

We’ve made earning money as easy as ordering a taxi or takeaway. Turn each spare hour into £££
- No experience needed — you’ll be doing work that’s basic but vital to the business, like clearing tables, polishing cutlery, and refilling water jugs
- No application process — forget about writing up a CV or having an interview
- Easy onboarding — it takes 10 minutes to meet our team — no long, tedious training
- No serious gear required — just some plain clothes that you probably already own — a plain black t-shirt, trousers, that kind of thing

How it works:
1. Sign up with a verified UK university email address
2. Join a 10-minute Show & Go with your passport or other Right to Work document
3. Let us know in the app when you’re available to work
4. Accept a Stint that we offer you
5. Go to the Stint, do the Stint, get paid - repeat!

Hospitality Businesses:

Do something you’ve never been able to do before: have the right amount of staff at every hour of the day.
1. Onboard - meet with a Stint Rep to learn how to get the most out of the platform.
2. Post - outsource your basic tasks, freeing up your core team during their busiest hours.
3. Review - let us know how your students did so we can send back your favourites for future Stints.
4. Repeat - work Stint into your rota to reduce your labour % and increase customer satisfaction.

Any issues? Drop us a line at
From version Stint 21.8.2:

Bug fixes and enhancements