SQ-MixPad allows control of an SQ console over a wired or wireless network.
It can be used simultaneously and independently of the SQ surface, so it can provide supplementary local control as well as giving the engineer the freedom to move around and mix from different listening positions.
Three devices running SQ-MixPad can be connected and used at the same time as using the SQ surface, giving four separate points for control of all mixes.
An ‘Offline’ mode allows for SQ show files to be edited and managed without connection to a console.

V1.5.0 -
This version works with SQ consoles running firmware V1.5.x
It provides the following:

Level and Routing Control -
Send levels, panning, assignments, pre/post settings and mutes from all channels to all mixes
Master send levels for all mixes
Send and Return levels for FX
Routing screen with overview and full control
DCA and Mute Group control, including assignments

Processing Control -
Input channel Preamp/DEEP Preamp Model/HPF/Gate/Insert/PEQ/Compressor
Mix channel Ext In/Insert/GEQ/PEQ/Compressor
DEEP compressors and GEQ’s
FX Parameters and FX Return PEQ
Access to all Libraries

Patching –
Full patching matrix for all Inputs/Outputs and Tie Lines
‘1-to-1’ diagonal block patching

Offline Mode –
Edit and manage shows, scenes and libraries without a console connection
Transfer entire shows between MixPad and an SQ
Share/store shows to cloud or email (when available on the device)

Other features include –
Works with SQ User Permissions
Copy/Paste and Reset functionality
Ganging setup
AMM control
Full control of Signal Generator and assignments
6 custom layers with the ability to copy desk layers
All input/output/processing metering
Meters and Channel RTA view and control
Global filters, scene filters and channel safe control
Mixer config and role setup including ‘Listen Level’
PAFL setup and selection
Channel naming/colour
SoftKey and MIDI strips setup and use
Follow Channel/Mix Select option
From version SQ MixPad 1.4.0:

This version is for SQ mixers running V1.5.* firmware.


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