SpreekBeter contains 25 series with exercises to practice and improve your individual problems with the pronunciation and intelligibility of Dutch.

The first three apps are free: variations in word accent, EE-E and G-K. The other apps can be purchased separately, depending on which topics are relevant to you.

Go to for more information and instructions.

There are four categories:

1. Melodic aspects: stress, sentence accent, intonation and continuous speech
2. Consonants
3. Consonant Combinations
4. Vowels

Each series consists of four steps:

1. Learn to hear sound, stress, sentence accent, rhythm or intonation.
2. Learn to recognize sound, stress, sentence accent, rhythm or intonation.
3. Listen, repeat and compare your recorded speech to the example.
4. Use in speech by spontaneously answering questions.

On you find an overview of common problems caused by differences between the native tongue and the Dutch language. Also visit the website for more information about intelligibility and tips for using SpreekBeter in class.
From version SpreekBeter 1.7.0:

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