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Soup recipes app offers you many easy and tasty recipes. These include consommé, bouillon, bisque, soup, chowdar, broth, chicken stew and bouillabaisse recipes.

Popular broth recipes of the month
Recipes like french onion soup, broccoli soup, blue corn beer chicken taco soup, chinese hot & sour soup, asian vegetable broth, chicken & spinach soup with fresh pesto, celery soup: low calorie and grandma's chicken noodle soup are popular in January & February.

Simple slow cooker soup recipe instructions with picture
Every healthy soups recipe has easy step by step instructions with a photo. Get many healthy recipes for free in our Soup recipes app. Unlike other recipes app, Soup recipes can be used offline. This makes our free recipes app for Android a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Collect favourite stew recipes
Add your favourite broth recipes to the app's favourites section. You can use the saved slow cooker soup recipes offline. You can also create healthy soups recipe collections on the basis of weekend party ideas, lunch ideas, cooking and prep time, dinner ideas, non-vegetarian.

Stew Recipe search
Find recipes by simple search with the name of a recipe or by ingredients used. You can search for broth recipes with the ingredients you have. We also have Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas recipes, Halloween recipes and other recipe categories for special occasions.

Convert ingredients to a recipe
Our food recipes app lets you cook with ingredients you have. Cook by ingredients feature lets you search and discover slow cooker soup recipes you can cook with ingredients in your kitchen/refrigerator.

Tastes, allergies and diets
We often have healthy soups recipes for people following keto, paleo, vegetarian and gluten-free diets. If you're suffering from any food allergies, we have egg-free recipes, lactose-free recipes, peanut-free recipes, seafood-free recipes and dairy-free. Nutritional information like calories, fat, carbs and cholesterol are available in the Soup recipes app.

Create Meal plans with tasty soups
Meal planning is going to be light and quick with Soup recipes. Start eating stew recipes with proper meal planning and grocery shopping.

We offer lots of broth recipes:
Cook tasty slow cooker soup recipes at home using rye flour, onion, chickpeas & lemongrass. Recipes for classic healthy soups dishes like minestrone soup recipe, Japanese noodle soup, Korean chicken hotpot soup, and creamy chicken and mushroom soup are available in the app. Our favourite stew recipes include fish soup, broccoli, clam chowder, and chicken tortilla soup.

Soup recipes offline app gives cream potato soup recipes for healthy dinner ideas. You will also find soups for weight loss to lead a healthy diet plan. It even has African and all Nigerian soup recipes offline. Soups and salads are very healthy for a weight loss diet plan.

The soup recipe app has a variety of soups like carrot, cream potato leek, goat head soup, campbell chicken ramen noodles recipe. It even has stew recipe like chicken and beef stew recipes for a party. These can be suitable for people of all age groups for a healthy lifestyle.

Our tasty broth recipe app gives you lots of free cooking recipes for cream, potage, consommé etc. Now that you've our slow cooker soup recipes app, you no longer need to carry around bulky recipe books.

Start cooking with our tasty soup recipes app today.
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We added handpicked collections of 2020 soups like
Instapot chicken noodle soup
Cereal soup
Split pea soup
Turkey soup recipe
Tom yum soup recipe
Easy cream soup

Soups with chicken, potato, bean, onion, vegetables, tomato.

Instant soup recipes in a pot.

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