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Sounds English is a fun, award winning English reading programme used by thousands of children across the world. It accelerates learning to read English in just 15 minutes a day and teaches perfect pronunciation.

An independent study, analysed by the University of Surrey, showed Sounds English to be nearly three times more effective than standard programmes within a period of only 30 days. Parents and teachers have seen significant improvements in children’s’ literacy and pronunciation within weeks.

Suitable for early readers with a reading age of 6-9 and all learners of English language wanting to learn good English pronunciation.

· Easy, and fun to use
· Children love the imaginary world of Lumos which builds creativity and engagement
· Personalises each student's learning
· Uses graphics, speech files and videos to ensure long term retention, and perfect pronunciation.
· Employs clever algorithms to teach learners only what they need to know.
· Allows learners to progress at their own pace and carries on teaching until learning is secure.

Top Features:
· Complements all education programmes for use in school or home
· Teaches readers to use and say 92 high-frequency ‘written sounds’ as they read unknown words.
· Contains over 1800 practice words with learners constantly and discretely checked until learning is secure.
· Free trial. No in-game adverts
· Suitable for both native and non-native speakers
· Dyslexia friendly font used
. Choice of American or British English accent

In a school study in the UK, students using Sounds English Phonics gained more than 1 year in reading age over a 30-day test period.

“Sounds English Phonics is an excellent product which was complementary to our existing teaching programme. I would recommend the app as part of a teacher’s armoury and believe it is a very useful addition for all children learning to read, that can be used either at school or in the home. ” Robert Eves, Grade 3 Teacher, St John’s Green School, Essex

My nephew's progress at school was not at the level his parents expected. My sister had purchased Zaprendo, that's how I was first introduced. Watching Greg tonight I was really fascinated. He was truly using a phonetic approach with the words. I need to say again, more than ever that I am blown away by your approach." Susan Wells, Teacher and former Principal, North Carolina, USA

Parents are also impressed with the engagement of their children in the programme and the ability of the programme to build a strong educational foundation.

"Graphically it’s stunning. At 7 years old my daughter was struggling with her phonics. This app has helped my daughter where other aids failed" Mark Folkard, UK

Educational App Store, UK
"This app has been extremely well produced. It is clear to see from both the app itself but also via the developer’s website as well as from the content within the app. Unlike some literacy and phonic apps that claim that they do make a difference this developer has spent time undertaking research in school settings to make sure their app not only meets the needs of schools and the users but that it does have some benefit. It is ‘small’ aspects like this from a developer that really gives confidence in an app when you are choosing between so many apps in such a saturated market especially when school budgets are tight and they are looking to maximise the resources that they do purchase."

Use our free in-house diagnostic test to see if Sounds English is suitable for your student/child. Email us at [email protected] for a copy, or with questions or for school purchases.
From version Sounds English: Learn to Read 2.11:

Added cross-platform cloud saving.
Added ability to relearn phonemes.

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