Songo is a free Android app which serves as a pocket chord-finding tool for musicians and songwriters. Using a unique 'chord ring' design, it makes finding the right chords in a given musical key super easy! No music theory knowledge required.

The app now features a high-quality voice recorder and a text memo is saved with each recording, easy to recall at the press of a button.

It's also easy to share your recorded sounds with friends.

For the slightly more nerdy musical types, you can explore 7th chords and musical modes with strange names. Yes, you can pretty much become a musical hero and rule the world just by having Songo in your pocket. Go Songo!

Whether you play guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or nothing at all Songo can be a valuable songwriting assistant.
From version Songo Chord Finder 6.0:

Songo now keeps the screen awake while running.

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