Solvers support first, second, third, and fourth degree inequalities.
Solvers support integer inequalities, fractional inequalities and systems of inequalities.

- Sections:
Classic solver
Smart solver

- Classic solver
Enter the terms of the inequality and obtain the solution with the relative steps.

- Smart solver
Enter the inequality and obtain the solution with the relative steps.

- Exercises
Practice solving integer inequalities of first or second degree of easy, intermediate, difficult difficulty.
The steps taken for solving are available.

- Theory
Revise how to solve a first or second degree integer inequality.
From version Solve inequalities 4.2.0:

- A single smart solver solves integer and fractional inequalities
- Improved steps for solving fractional inequalities
- Added the steps for the inequalities that can be solved with Ruffini's rule
- Added localization of app name on screen
- Minor graphics and performance improvements

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