Snip allows users to take pictures on their phone or desktop to render LaTeX for math equations instantly with their AI-powered image processing technology. You can sync all of your results between mobile and desktop, making the process of typing technical documents like homework, exams, and papers hassle-free.
From version Snip 3.6.2:

Bug fixes
Speed and stability improvements

Grapher Pro - Equation Plotter & Solver

An extensive yet lightweight math graphing calculator.

Statistics Calculator

Basic statistics calculator (formulas and resolutions)

Chegg Math Solver - guided math problem solver

Never get stuck on a math problem. Use our step-by-step guided math solver.

Cymath - Math Problem Solver

Enter your math problem, and let Cymath solve it for you step-by-step!

Symbolab - Math solver

Math photo scanner & calculator! Math help for algebra, geometry & more!

Matrix operations

Solve all possible matrix operations with any method you like

MathAlly Graphing Calculator +

Graph, Solve, Simplify, Factor, and more with this graphing calculator!


Connect to MATLAB from your Android devices.

Probability Distributions

Compute probabilities, percentiles, and plot various probability distributions.

Integration FREE A-Level Pure Math

A new A-Level Pure Mathematics Textbook in the palm of your hand!

SMath Studio

Math application

ALGEBRATOR - camera math solver that shows steps

Algebrator is a camera math app that shows math homework steps and explanations

Symbolab Graphing Calculator

Interactive Graphing Calculator, graph any function with steps!

Symbolab Practice

Tens of thousands of practice problems with hints personalized just for you!

Equation Editor and Math Question and Answer Forum

Equation Editor for Phones and Tablets, Geometric and Circuit Diagram


Advanced calculator for school or study

Math Expert Pro

Collection of formulas for maths and physics.

GeoGebra CAS Calculator

Graph functions, investigate equations, and plot data with our free graphing app

VerbTeX LaTeX Editor

The free, collaborative LaTeX Editor for your Android device


Detexify recognizes hand-drawn latex symbols.