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Finding a free web browser to help you browse and explore more information will be easy. Now you find our private browser. We aim to design a fast and safe internet browser for every Android device user. If you are still hesitating about what browser to choose, install this free web browser now!

Our free browser and smart browser - considerate enough to provide a better user experience
Exterior design
The free browser provides different styles of themes for you to display your browser beautifully. Start to make your smart internet explorer cute and personalized.

Data saving
You can activate data saving mode when the web pages are displaying many photos or videos. In this mode, the information will show as normal but the photos and videos will be hidden.

Display customization
To protect your eyes in the dark, you can turn to the night mode; you can adjust the text size for a larger display and switch to desktop browsing mode.

File management
In this free private browser, your bookmarks and downloaded files, and browsing histories are well organized and displayed. At the same time, the web browser provides a function for offline pages.

Advertisement blocking
Using this function, you won’t see any advertisements popping up. Enjoy your comfortable browsing experience just with this wonderful free browser app.

Private browsing
Incognito mode will protect your privacy by not showing your browsing histories. When you exit the browser app, the browsing records will delete automatically.

Save pages and information
One-click to save the web page as a screenshot as PDF and print the web page. Fast and convenient.

Come and try this smart web browser and internet explorer. It is free to use, offering you a better browsing experience among all those internet browser apps.
From version Smart Browser - Fast Explorer 1.0.16:

* Fixed bugs

Fast, Safe & Super Browser for your Android Mobile

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