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From version Simple Teleprompter :

Teleprompter, Video Captions

Video Teleprompter, Prompter, Auto Subtitle, Outro Maker and GreenScreen

Nano Teleprompter

a teleprompter with many features like showing the text over any camera app

Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant and easy to use teleprompter

Elegant Teleprompter Pro

Elegant Teleprompter helps you speak fluently in front of cameras.

Modbus Monitor Advanced

Modbus Client/Poll Server/Simulator, TCP/IP, Bluetooth/BLE, RS232 Serial Port

Teleprompter with Video Audio

Read your script with a prompter and record a video from the camera.

SingerPro Music Teleprompter

Free teleprompter designed for singers. Highly customizable and flexible.

Audio Memos - Voice Recorder

Audio Memos, simplify your recording tasks.

Voice Text Text Voice FULL PRO

Take notes with your voice. Listen to texts with digital voice.

NDI HX Camera

The official NDI® Camera. Turn your phone into a live video production camera.

Framelapse: Timelapse Camera

Create stunning time-lapse and fast motion videos with the press of a button.


Panopto mobile app lets you access your organization's video library on the go.

PromptSmart Pro

The ONLY speech recognition teleprompter for recording videos, public speaking

ReversaVideo: instant reverse video playback

Instantly play videos in reverse. No waiting, no time limit. Save and share.

Dictadroid - Voice Recorder


Teleprompter Pro

Powerful, professional, versatile teleprompter. Developed by an active film crew

Subtitled Pro: Subtitle Editor

Edit subtitles and add them to videos

Voicella -video auto subtitles

Voicella is an easy-to-use editor for translating and subtitling your videos


Read your texts professionally on camera!

SpeechWay - 3 in 1 Teleprompter

The way of making your speeches on camera better