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SimHome is an embedded smart home camera management platform. It communicates with the embedded smart camera in real-time through the P2P technology. It can remotely configure the camera, view the real-time live stream, and receive the push notifications, event pictures and videos anytime, anywhere to protect your home 24/7.

Main features:
Easy to use: No complicated network wiring is needed. The device can connect to your wireless network and your account by scanning the QR code generated by the current account;
Real-time live stream: View the live video anytime, anywhere to know what is happening at home;
Two-way audio: It’s like a walkie-talkie, no matter where you are, talking with your family just takes a tap;
AI intelligent detection: local AI analysis accurately detects different kinds of events;
Responsive alert: Zero-latency in pushing events, all events are classified separately for quick search;
Data security: encrypted storage,protect your data from leaking.
From version SimHome 1.2.9:

fix bug