Smart siddur displaying the prayers upon the date, including:
Yaale Veyavo, Halel, Sfirat Ha'Omer, Megilat Ester and more...

In addition, the siddur contains the features below:

  • App's shortcuts - quick access to the current time prayers directly from your device's home screen (Android Nuget and above).

  • Date in the Status bar - Hebrew date in the device's Status bar (Notification area).

  • Fast access - fast access to the current time prayers directly from the main page, from the "Now" tab.

  • Auto night mode - auto night mode by times (with 3 reading modes) or custom night mode hours (with 2 reading modes).

  • Omer notifications - Sfiras HaOmer's notification, with the daily Sfirah's text.

  • Two Mikra and one Targum - Torah humash with doubled pasuk and one targum.

  • Kriyat Ha'Torah - display the Psukim of Kriyat Ha'Torah for each day, such as: Sheni & Hamishi or Rosh Hodesh, Hanuka, Purim etc. seperated for Aliot.

  • Silent mode - option to set auto silent mode - vibrate or full silent mode, when prayers are displayed.

  • Jerusalem compass - Compass that show the direction of the Tfila - Jerusalem's direction (require location access).

  • Day times - Day times at the main page menu and inside the prayers - quick and comfortable access.

  • Weather - new weather widget includes the temperature, humidity, sky info and the wind direction and speed.

  • Auto scroll - Auto scroll buttons allow you scroll the prayer automaticaly in few diffrent speeds.

  • Markers menu - Jump to prayer pieces by markers menu.

  • "Expanders" - ("expander") Collapse and expansion of long unused prayer pieces.

  • Keep screen on - Including the option to keep the screen on during the prayers.

  • Speed - Fast prayer loading and fast moving between the siddur app pages.

  • Personal Pasuk - add your own Pasuk for Elokai Netzor.

  • Sick list - add sick names for Refaeinu.
  • Text size - Change the text's size by pinch or extend your fingers over the prayer's screen.

  • And more...

From version Siduron-smart siddur&Humash 5.35:

Android 12+ crash fix