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Shu-Shu is a free app form discussing female problems and trading opinions in hard situations.

But why Shu-Shu?

Shu-Shu will HELP you. Helping others and being in part of a loving and caring community can accomplish marvelous things. In the lowest of lows there is always an exit, even though it might not be visible at first. The collective mind of Shu-Shu will help you find a way out in any circumstances!

Shu-Shu will SUPPORT you. Often, kind words and condolences just aren’t enough for us to overcome our problems. Share your circumstances and supporting words will come your way and personal stories from others will show you that you’re not the only one experiencing those problems.

Shu-Shu will ADVISE you. Often we face challenges in which we find that it’s hard to make the right decision. Talk about your difficulties in the Shu-Shu app and women will share their own experiences in order to help you out. Among a million situationsthere will be for sure one that matches yours!

Any enquiries, questions or complains can be sent to our team at [email protected]

Shu-Shu – help, support, advice!
From version Shu-Shu 2.0.3:

- have fixed auth problem

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