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Capture your cool photos with the Shot On Camera application. Add image watermark on photo clicked by ShotOn Custom camera.

Add your brand logo to the captured picture, you can even add Shot on Device name and Your own Name as Shot by. You can add a Date Time stamp on Photo.You can even add a signature stamp to the targeted picture instead of Your name with the help of Shot by feature.

With a ShotOn watermark stamp, make every picture spunkier than before! ShotOn for redmi , Shot On for Samsung, Shot On Oppo, Shot On Vivo, shot on can likewise be engraved on your photographs with selected Watermark logo.

How to use *Shot On camera: Add ShotOn Shotby Datetime stamps* Application?

➤ Open Shot On Camera stamp Application in your Smartphone
➤ Get Custom camera opened, from there you can click Photos with Shot on stamp And Shot by stamps.
➤ With the help of settings Option You can Change ShotOn, Shot by, Logo, Datetime stamp details
➤In Shot On - You can put your Device Name
➤In Shot by - You can add your Name as your watermark
➤In Logo Option - You can put any image as logo on picture
➤You can change Shoton, shot by, logo formats
➤You can select and add Date and Time format
➤check all your editing with preview options
➤Once you are done, Click unlimited pictures with auto stamps
➤ You can check your stamped photos in Gallery.


➤ Camera:
Having Ratio, Grid, Focus, Flash and Flip Screen to get selfie

➤ Shot On
Add your Device Name as Shot On mi, Shot On Oppo, Shot On Vivo, Shot On Oneplus, Shot On Redmi phone, Shot On Samsung etc.
Change free Font Style
Different Font Color
Modify Stamp Position
Adjustable Stamp Size

➤ Shot By
Add watermark signature
Add auto signature stamp on photo
Add your name as watermark stamp
Change Font Style from Rubik, Roboto, Lato etc available option
Adjust Font Color
Different Stamp Position
Modify Stamp Size

➤ Logo
Add Logo to Photo from available options
Get your Brand logo
Add logo as a trademark
Edit Logo Color
Change Logo Position

➤ Date & Time Format
Add Date Timestamp on photo
Select date Format
Change Font Size
Adjust cool Font Style
Edit Font Color

Why to have *Shot On camera: Add ShotOn Shotby Datetime stamps* Application in your smartphone?

➤ If you are a freelance Photographer, This App is like a boon for you - as You can Show your Projects having your name by simply using shot by the feature of this Application

➤ If you are a smartphone freak individual, and you want to show off your branded Mobile photography, You can Effectively use Shot On feature to show your Device Name on Photo.

➤ Today Mobile Photography has Proved it’s top place in the field of photography,as all latest smartphones have come up with Smart Cameras - The one is present in this App Also. Showcase your Mobile photography work to the world by publishing your photo adding your name and logo to it as your copyright to avoid misuse of your work.

➤ Give your name to your Photo to secure and shield your work before sharing on web.

➤ 4 in 1 features available in one single app, so use all features effectively.
You can use app as
Photo watermark to have Beautiful stamps on photos
Best camera app for picture watermark
Copyright photo app to add custom watermark
Timestamp Camera app to get datetime on picture
Auto stamping app to utilise as Auto stamper for photos free
Shot On / Shot by works as Logo camera App

Easy and reliable Application for all users, Just go and download Shot On camera: Add ShotOn Shotby Datetime stamps now. Bet, you're gonna love your Shot On photographs! 😉
From version Shot On camera: Add ShotOn Shotby Datetime stamps 1.1.2:

Thanks for using Shot on Camera! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance

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