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Seerat e Nabavi | Serat e Anbia | سیرت انبیاء consists of all Seerat e Ambiya e Kiraam from Hazrat Adam (A.S) to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) in Pashto Audio MP3 from a fully authentic source. The app consists of 190 MP3 Audio clips and each of them minimum one hour long. If you would like to help spread the deen of Allah S.W.T to others, please share with your friends and family whatever you can. Insha'allah you will be rewarded with Sadaqah e Jarriyah.

✔ Easy to Use.
✔ Downloaded feature available.
✔ Smooth and Best Audio Player.
✔ From Authentic Source by (Sheikh Abu Muhammad Aminullah Al Peshawari).
✔ 190 Audio Clips.

Storage access/Internet permission has to be granted only for storing and downloading Seerat e Nabavi Audio.
In case of any problems or releated to copyright or any other mistake with the effect of this app, please don't hesitate to contact us negative opinions. Please send us an e-mail and review the problem in brief.

• Seerat e Nabavi is a free app and have some minor ads, so you will not need to worry about that. if you have any issue related to app please, contact us via email.
From version Seerat e Nabavi | Serat e Anbia | سیرت انبیاء 1.03:

* Compatible with new devices.
* New audios are added.
* Minors issues are fixed.
* Performance is improved.