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**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) if you like this app or support my apps development. Thanks!**

**To uninstall the app, please go to the setting page and click the "Remove device administrator" button**

With over 2 million of users and over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is the No.1 screen off application in Google Play Store.

Screen Off and Lock allows you to switch off your devices from:
1. Launcher shortcut
2. Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+ (Also available in lock screen for Android 4.2+)
3. Notification
4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tap to use it)
5. Search button (if your device has it)

Other features:
1. Screen off animation (including the most famous Old TV style)
2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect
3. Screen off vibration

For those who cannot see the screen off animation even the app is reinstalled, please follow the procedures below:
Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options > Transition animation", and then select 1x for this option.
Android 2.x, Make sure you selected the option "All animations" under "Settings > Display > Animation".
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
From version Screen Off and Lock (Donate) 1.17.4:

Add description for "BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN" permission for compiling developer terms

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