Get instant access to essential processing information with the Scientific Molding Pocket Guide — created by the plastics experts at Routsis Training.

This convenient reference provides injection molders with detailed, up-to-date information about common plastic materials and their properties — including additives, preparation, and guidelines for optimal processing. Steps for establishing and maintaining a robust scientific injection molding process are also covered.

The Pocket Guide includes critical information for identifying, troubleshooting, and solving molded part defects. As a convenient reference, the app also includes part and mold design guidelines, frequently used calculations, and common conversion tables.
Field Process Calculator

Process calculator for quick basic calculation for Students & process engineers


Practical Workshop Calculations

Scientific Molding

For Plastic Injection Molding: Generate Graphs, Perform Calculations & Learn...

HydroWiz - Pipe Flow Hydraulic Calculations

Calculates Pressure Loss, Flow Rate, Pipe Diameter, Pipe Length and other data.

Thread calculator

Thread tables, generate CNC thread cycles

DPLevel Calculator

Easiest way to calculate differential pressure on DP transmitter.

Text To CNC Pro

Generate engraving texts in G code for your CNC machine. New pro features.

Renishaw GoProbe

The GoProbe app helps to make using a Renishaw machine tool probe simple.

Mechanical Engineering Pro

The Pro Version of Popular Mechanical Engineering App


Learn programming CNC. CNC Simulator 2.5D, editor, sharp vector graphics, zoom

Hydraulic CALC pro

Hydraulic Calculator(open channel flow, pipe flow) for civil eng/fluid mechanics

BITZER Electronics Service Tool

This is the App edition of the BITZER Electronics Service Tool Software


CNC TOOLS+ Application for the CNC technology.

TRI CALC [ Phone / Tablet ]

TRI CALC - Trigonometry calculator with graphic view

Piping Engineering Pro

Piping Engineering Tools and Information : Pro Version

Gear Design Pro

Design and calculation of spur and helical gears. Full version.

DriveWizard Mobile

With DriveWizard Mobile you can operate your inverter drive from your smartphone


Coordinate calculation for the CNC lathe with Nose-R .

Logic Machine

Official app for Logic Machine


Interactive programming of milling CNC.