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Schulte tables are usually applied to research and development of mental rate of perception, in particular speeds of visual roughly-search movements.
Also it used in speed reading training.

Rules of work with Schulte tables:
Find and click figures silently, in an increasing order from 1 to 25 (without omission). The found figures are specified only by a sight. As a result of such training time of reading of one table should be no more than 25 sec.
Before the beginning of work with the table the sight is fixed in its centre to see the table entirely.
By search of figures following one after another fixing of eyes only in the table centre is authorised. Horizontal movements of eyes are forbidden. Distance from the table to eyes same, as well as at reading of the usual text, i.e. About 25-30 sm.
Time and periodicity of trainings establish, remembering that it is not necessary to overtire.

While working with Schulte tables it is necessary to remember that training here not the aim. The main thing — expansion of a field of vision that can be reached by accurate following the rules of work with tables, the regular and realised trainings.
From version Schulte Tables 2.3:

+ Added support for legacy models 240x320
+ Avoid pausing sound of other applications like music players

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